NEW VIDEO RECIPE: Bakeapple (Cloudberry) Chicken Curry

Bakeapple (Cloudberry) Chicken Curry
Bakeapple (Cloudberry) Chicken Curry
This idea was inspired by a mango curry recipe. I decided that the unique flavor of bakeapples (cloudberries) was sufficiently exotic enough to hold up to the bold spice flavor of an Indian curry dish. The result did not disappoint. It was absolutely delicious.Of course many outside Newfoundland and Labrador will not have access to these beautiful berries but diced mango can easily be substituted for an equally delicious dish. Serve with steamed jasmine rice and/or naan bread.

You can use regular bread dough to make the naan or make your own naan dough using the recipe found here. If it's not outdoor grilling weather you can also cook the dough rounds on a hot, un-oiled cast iron pan.

You can find the complete recipe for this delicious curry by clicking here.

For iPad, iPhone and other mobile users who cannot see the video display below please click here.

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